Move on from Windows to Linux

After 3 years to learn Linux on virtual PC, finally shifted from the paid Operating System (Windows) to Free and Open Operating system (Linux) as my primary system OS.

First i clearly say that i like windows os from windows 95 to windows 8 all version is great, but the draw back is only whenever new version is come in market we need to spend money to buy (Eg. i have purchase windows 7 OS last year for my system, and this year windows 8 the coolest live tiles base OS is available in market not only that but also heard rumors that Microsoft is lunching code name windows blue next year) so as experience computer user (learning how to operate the PC from past 10 years) and for pocket health i think it’s time to move on,

So to shifting from one perfectly handy and easy to Operating system to other same powerful and alternate competitor is not as easy as like buy a new system and after transferring all data start using it, there are multiple software comparability and hands on using issues we need to face i know people will say why should i shift if i am happy with current OS, this article is for people who want to explorer the computer world or love to learn and new things, like to control all by self without effecting THERE POCKET, so “i will say why not”.

I know this article is going long so basically i will try to make it in parts. And also not going in deep for installation and configuration part because its easily available on supporting community and Forums which we discuss later this article is only for knowledge base to fine that is possible to us to switch our home or personal system from Windows to Linux So lets start…..

Q. First what is Linux ?
Most people who read this article till this point they are know answer better than what i am explaining here so just skip this question and others
Ans. Linux is a kernel and unix-like, include GUI and other free and opensource component make it complete operating system more info on

So that’s in short explanation here.

Q. Is Linux will work on my current system or if i am an beginner so where i install the Linux to learn ?
Ans. Because of open source nature Linux is compatible most of hardware so if you have you old P3 system with minimum Ram still you can install and experience it, and for beginners they can install Linux side by side on there current OS or it’s better to install as Virtual System so it will not effect any of your current system data & configuration. you can also use live CD to try it.

Q. Where we can Buy/Get/Download the Linux OS.
Ans. How we buy free things but if possible donate some money. And the where you get almost all Linux distributions sites details with current popular ranking list. For this post i am using my favorite biggest community and support resource available Linux OS “UBUNTU”.

You can download latest Ubuntu desktop OS from there site;.

For any query and questions related Ubuntu can be ask or check previously answered solution on, support forum to stay up-to date for your systems related any news.

Q. Dose my all windows application is run on Ubuntu ?
Ans. The answer is NO but wait as alternative to your current OS same is applicable to software also. As i said because the open source nature of linux most of paid application companies not want to lose there market share so they are not ready to launch there code on open source base Linux but i really want to appreciate all the developers and programmers who supports the open source project and because of them in today’s modern and cyber world
We can easily find free and Linux compatible alternative software we require to give time and effort to learn it again as we did for paid software’s.

Q. How to install Linux Ubuntu ?
Ans. installation is easy as we install other software on system i am not going in deep those information can be found for Ubuntu site.

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