Improvmx free email alias creation

100% Free Email Alias account service for custom Domain

ImprovMX is the simplest free email alias forwarding service, where we no need to perform hassle configuration and manage multiple mailboxes for receiving and sending emails on a custom domain.

The easiest way to manage multiple domains in one mailbox for sending and receiving emails no per-mailbox fee is required. the free service can support up to 5 domains with 99% on monthly 9$ manage up to 100 Domains.

Why it so useful?

apart from the company domain, the small business or blog management we just required 1 to 2 email id example contact@domain or support@domain to run services. and managing the email inbox separately with paying the per-mailbox fee the email forwarding is the simplest solution if the mail flow is not frequent.

This Blog post will cover how to configure ImprovMX to send and receive emails of the custom domain from your Gmail account.


  • Custom Domain Name
  • For this tutorial, I am using
  • Domain registrar panel access
  • Gmail account.

Creating Domain Alias in Improvmx

Login to the section where it asks to enter a domain name and email id where the mails should forward. Click on create a free alias. account creation

The next process will ask to update the DNS record with your domain registrar
scroll down where you will see MX entry need to set with your registrar.

Get mx entry from improvmx on

Configure MX Record.

Login to Your Domain Registrar where the domain has purchased go to DNS Settings.
depend on domain provider goto advance setting and add MX record as shown above image.
for simplicity, most people use Godaddy or NameCheap registrar so the following configuration screen after updating in registrar.

Name Cheap Domain Registrar

After Login on Dashboard, it will show all purchased domain list
click on Manage on the domain which needs to add for ImprovMX.

NameCheap Login Dashboard

In Advance DNS Tab scroll down where the option will show “MAIL SETTINGS” Select from drop down “Custom MX”.

NameCheap advance DNS Setting add MX Record

Enter the records showed in image 02 

updating improvmx records in namecheap

Godaddy Domain Registrar DNS Settings

After Login in Godaddy next to your domain, There is DNS Option. to update ImprovMX Record

managing DNS in godaddy

in DNS Management Click on “ADD” Option

Adding DNS or MX record in godaddy

From Dropdown, Type selects MX and proceed with Details.

selecting improvmx record in godaddy

ImprovMX Dashboard

After this click on the go to dashboard
where you will see all mails to your domain is forwarding to your Gmail ID. 

as the Email forwarding is Active.

improvmx dashboard

Now Any Mail sent to domain IDs will get forwarded to your Gmail inbox.

improvmx sent mail to gmail

and when observe details it will show to mail id where it sends an email,
now if we create Filter Label that will easily help to identify email sent to a particular domain

gmail inbox getting custom domain sending email

Sending Email from Domain

If 2Factor Authentication is enabled we need to create app Specify Password after Obtaining a password 

Allow less Secure App Access to work.

Disabling Less Secure add in Gmail

In Settings Select Accounts and Import Tab and Click Send Mail As for add Another Email Address.

adding another secondery email in gmail

Type The domain id and Name which need to use as send email
and remove Tick on Treat as an Alias Click on Next Step.

configuring custom email address in gmail

Select The SMTP Service of the same Gmail id and password or app specify password click on add account.

gmail smtp server configuration

This Process will send one Verification mail to your domain email id,
as it will come to Same Gmail Inbox only Copy verification code and click on verify

gmail custom domain email verification.

Now, wherein from tab, it can easily select Domain Alias to send Mail from Domain ID.

sending email from gmail using custom domain Alias


Free Email ImprovMX Domain Alias Service is Single Solution to manage Multiple Domain in single inbox its good option available still for business solution the Cheaper way to manage multi users Mail box is to host own Mail Service on VPS.
Hosing Mail Service to know how to configure Mail Server