virtualmin add virtualserver

How to Create Virtual Server in Virtualmin for email service and WordPress blog hosting

Continuation of my last blog post How to install Virtualmin control panel in ubuntu 18.04 Server on VPS. This blog post I want my different domain “” new news subdomain news will be hosted on this server. Then the name will be Configure WordPress and Email Server for Users with [email protected]

The default installation of the Virtualmin page is like a blank Control panel.

This post I will show how to configure a virtual server. We can host multiple virtual servers as far as the VPS resource supports.

After login in Virtualmin, the option is available to add a new virtual server.

virtualmin add virtualserver

Now as below configuration can be used as default.

Virtualmin Support letscrypt SSL for https with the domain so it can be enabled from features.

virtualmin create domain

Clicking on Create Server the wizard will perform process configuration and create a Virtual Server. If multiple domains are created the required domain can be selected from the dropdown list.

Virtualmin Selecting Multiple Server

WordPress Installation.

From the Left side, Panel Go to Install Script and Select Available Scripts where we can see WordPress script available. Selecting and process on Show install option.

virtualmin install wordpress script

Now this part little bit tricky I want the WordPress instance should work directly on a subdomain by default Virtualmin script create a directory and install WordPress which can only accessible like

Better to select a top-level and click install now.

virtualmin selecting top level folder for virtualmin installation
Login for WordPress installation Virtualmin

Accessing WordPress Website

First, we need to create a subdomain and point to our Virtualmin VPS IP. For this domain, I logged onto my DNS provider portal and added A record with subdomain news.

DNS record update

WordPress Install Wizard

Now as suggested on PIC 2 image the link is opened in a browser. wordpress install

Click on Continue

The same WordPress installation process, wordpress conf

but not required to enter database credentials virtualmin script setup has configured database in back end. wordpress finish

Login and website are ready wordpress page

Installation of Email Server Service

Email Configuration and access are also simple in Virtualmin but for better security.

Install DKIM.

DKIM virtualmin installation

Configuring Domain Keys identified mail options

DKIM Configuration

Now add the following as TXT record in DNS Server

DNS Update

On Server installation the default used mail is also created the same can be configured on email Client. We can create new Use add Quota from This section.

Email Quota User

Installation of Webmail Round Cube.

Same as WordPress Script From Left side Panel Go to Install Script and Select Available Scripts where we can see Round Cube script available. Selecting and process on Show install option.

RoundCube installation virtualmin

The Setting is to create sub-folder name mail for round cube access as on top-level WordPress instance is already running.

Roundcube subfolder selector virtualmin

After installation, the same can be accessed from Link

Rondube installation Link

Now it can log in with users and start using mail services. For this post, the webserver admin is used to log in.

Roundcube Virtualmin Mail Login

The Web Mailbox.


Note: This post is dedicated to Virtual min Configuration Only. For WordPress Security Tweaking Performance Changing Web Login URL and other security, aspects are not covered here.

Also Email Servers There are SPF records, Reverse IP Settings, ARP record, allowing port 25 for SMTP (as default if a server is hosted on AWS or AZURE platform for security concern the port is disabled. So, the mail sending will not work).