About Me

Nothing is Impossible so Fight always.
Take Risk, Take Charge, Take Control >>> Thats LIFE…………

        …. nd about me

Lets Think…….

Im too Lazzy !! Anish Mandal…. born in Mumbai, 13Th OF July… A true Aries….  Likes to play football. 
Leave Life with some of “RULEZ”

  • I Hate people staring but love to be noticed,
  • Hate to be lonely but some timez love to be alone,
  • Hate to speak uselessly but love to hear otherz,
  • Hate smilin for no reason but love to laugh with otherz,
  • Love to help people but hate Selfish person.
  • I simply like to be bindaass & careless….

Anyway have friendly nature & love making friends….
I take Bill Gates as my idol….
Im a soft hearted person
very underst&ing & care for my friends.

& Don’t Mind, i have a “FULL” attitute towards life, coz Its our ATTITUDE that makes Life 100% Successful..

If i say about my professional life its not much as its seem, currently working as system admin in private firm happy with earnings and spend most of my time with opensource program coding and create explore security related features in Information Technology world (usually its call Hacking)