December 2012

Note Taking

Latest Update on My New Post Simplenotes As a basic user we use notepad to write the note and save in our computer then again for any new note we create new text file or open existing text file and update the same. It’s ok to us, but imagine if we save our notes in […]

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Image Editior

As a third part of this discussion Move on from Windows to Linux & Office Alternative i will try to cover the basic usage of image editing software. Every one from basic computer users to advance system users some time they are required to edit the image, to upload in there social networking site or retouch to look better

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Office alternative

Move on from Windows to Linux (Part 2) Read Part 1So when i leave windows first issue i notice is the most popular software of Microsoft’s family MICROSOFT OFFICE (basic word, excel & power-point  every windows operating system is have must have this package but it is not a part of OS we need to purchase other copy of MS-Office to use

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