Image Editior

As a third part of this discussion Move on from Windows to Linux & Office Alternative i will try to cover the basic usage of image editing software.

Every one from basic computer users to advance system users some time they are required to edit the image, to upload in there social networking site or retouch to look better in there personal collection. yes i am not talking about professional graphic designers who user image editing software for professional use.
So the discussion is going on same basis that are we really need to pay for software’s  but yes if we have some to donate it would be good the choice should be ours for personal use not any proprietary software vendors decide how much we pay as personal use only some time we use the software and should pay as per there license basis.
So as professional use i found that most of people use photo-shop as basic image editing and coral draw as graphic vector software’s no doubt those software are good for professional use as the business, we earn so there is no issue to spend some for the license. but for personal use when i moved on Linux the proprietary software’s are not available because of Linux open source nature. so for alternative i found that GIMP image editing and InkScape for graphic vector.

 Gimp (

is an image manipulation program that under the GPL license. bind in most of Linux distro. Gimp toolbox has all the basic items you need to work with images. It has painting tools like brush, pencil, airbrush etc. It supports custom brushes and patterns. For various needs there are various plug-ins available. Supports all the files as Photo-shop do. Gimp user manual can be downloaded from the gimp website here ( Same as like Photo-shop gimp has effects and layers. Playing with gradients and patterns will require minimum system requirements and advanced user experiences. Using gimp you can retouch digital photo. Gimp is a superb free image manipulation program for basic and as well as advance users.

 InkScape (

is an graphic vector with similar as coral draw but free open source. it’s capable to create page layout, screen and logos up to mark for any kind of drawing task. bundled with standard tools for vector job. on Wiki ( we can get manual and basic tutorial.

The following software GIMP | InkScape is also can install on your current Operating system (Windows or Mac) its better for us to get hand on before moving on Linux.

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