Copy ai review

This is a tool for Freelancers, YouTubers, smart small business owners, and digital-age copywriters.

As a blog writer, sometimes it’s very hard to come up with a hook point for the article. I use AI content writers to help with the ideas for copywriting and this free tool to start with is a good solution for an AI content generator.

What is is a web tool that can be used to create content copy the first draft using Artificial Intelligence, copy ai has a section to write

Blog content
Digital Ad copy
eCommerce copy
Sales copy
Social media content
Website copy
Copy ai review free tools

The tools are not limited to the above content type, but you will get an idea of where to start from also each tool is specifically trained to do its work for the platform.

How works

Using copy ai is simply selecting a tool if you don’t know where to start, there are 3 easy steps to generate a draft by selecting the freestyle tool.

copy ai freestyle tool

Type what you are looking for heading idea

Give a small description of your thought content points

Select the tone for the audience type tone selection

And you will get the result of the draft which you can use and tweak as per your required content.

copy ai first draft result


  • Simple interface to start and get used to.
  • Text Editor for content marking.
  • Multiple content type template to get start with.
  • Tone selection that suites your audience type.
  • Help center documentations describe each feature and how to use it.
  • Content sharing easy with link generation..


  • Generating content may take some seconds.
  • The content is random sometimes.
  • Some article content where dates are used need to check fact.
  • There is an way to generate paragraph but out of box you cannot proceed with long post.


There is so much copy ai is offered apart from starting draft I suggest giving it a try as provides a 7-days trial.

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