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Move on from Windows to Linux (Part 2)
Read Part 1So when i leave windows first issue i notice is the most popular software of Microsoft’s family MICROSOFT OFFICE (basic word, excel & power-point  every windows operating system is have must have this package but it is not a part of OS we need to purchase other copy of MS-Office to use this.

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As people opinion no other office software package compare with MS-Office. And it will not work on Linux  So let’s think it ones again ..
after moving on linux i found that they bind another office package “Libre Office” its good office package and MS-office alternative for linux of course we have choice to select other free and open office package for linux but i stick with Libra office.
My friend told me that its really difficult to operate libre office than ms-office but when i start using it after few months i found libre office is very handy to me. Also there are some office premises which i know they are also use Libra in windows. And in practical world most of people use the office application for only basic formatting and data entry so its no issue or reason to stick with MS-office just need to give some time to learn those application as same as we done for MS-Office.
Wait not finish yet…..
anish blog, windows alternative, linux
have you tried google docs try its the online office where we share, collaboration & create micro on browser free of cost, so think again should we still require the MS-Office.
The opinion about MS-office is good for past but today how we interact with system its prove that we already not require to stick with paid Office Application Package.
In next part we will continue the the basic software alternative.
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