Up and Running Python django in 10 min

The command from my YouTube video. install django pip python in windows linux and mac operation system

Download Python

For windows and MAC OS visit

For Linux Use Package manager and install Python3 and pip

After installation open Command Prompt
run following command to verify Python and Pip installation

# For Python
python -V

# For pip
pip -V

Virtual ENV Installation

Virtual env use in python to create projects with different dependency
it can run on system easily. to install virtual env run command.

#For Windows
pip install virtualenvwrapper-win

#For Linux and Mac
pip install virtualenvwrapper


Creating virtual Environment run command

mkvirtualenv [name]

Navigate to the folder where need to enable virtual environment and run command

workon [name]

Installing DJango

On virtualenv prompt use command

pip install django

create django project use command

django-admin startproject [projectname]

Run django project by navigating project folder where “” is located and run command.

python runserver

now project can be accessible on

Note: bydefauly Linux and Mac system come with python2 installed all command need to run using “python3” or “pip3” for latest python 3 interpreter.