Torrent Client Bypass in Firewall

Yes i got this idea when one of my friend wants to know how to use torrent client in office where they have blocked torrent using firewall. as i am aware that he is able to use freegate proxy application to access some restricted site in his office, so using freegate and portable torrent client (See pic 1.1) with some setting we can bypass firewall and use torrent.

(Pic 1.1)
  • First run Freegate application.
  • Select any Server from List. (See Pic 1.2)
(Pic 1.2)
  • Now in status of freegate application you can see the proxy that we need to configure in torrent client. (See Pic 1.3)
(Pic 1.3)
  • By default it’s same to use any freegate application “”
  • Now open Torrent client i am using Utorrent portable version.
  • In torrent client goto option then preference (press “Ctrl+P” key). (See Pic 1.4)
(Pic 1.4)
  • In preference option goto connection.
  • In proxy server option select Type: HTTP
  • Type in Proxy :
  • Type in port : 8580
  • Click on Apply then OK. (See Pic 1.5)
(Pic 1.5)
  • Don’t close freegate program. you will able to use torrent bypassing Firewall.
Do and Don’t
  1. if you getting “proxy connect error…” so check proxy setting in client as shown in Pic 1.5
  2. If you getting “connection timed out” or Slow error change server as shown in Pic 1.2 best to use lowest Ms. value server.
  3. Note using proxy is blocked in your environment the following method will not work, But their is always alternative available use VPN or  Seedbox services.

The Following Information is for education purpose only i am not take any responsible how you can use this information.