Invert Screen Colour

 The reason of this topic is started because as i am heavily reader, I read E-books (PDF, EPub) a lot “Save Paper Save Tree”, And on windows 7 OS its really simple to invert screen colour as video shows below.

So i Can read continues without maximum effects on eyes.
 Once i visit my cousin’s home he using Windows XP with 19″ wide screen when i try to read a pdf book more than an hrs my eyes gets heavy because of the brightness of the pdf files background and i tried to change colour setting, the colour invert option is not that simple. so as a lazy person first i try to find simple solution on web and after spent an hour on googling i found the best way to invert screen colour on XP OS using AutoHotKey (In This post we sort this AHK) software and a script created by Learning one” Thanks Buddy.

Those who Read A Lot on Computer this option is good for them.

  • See below Image 1.1 as normal pdf looks on default screen.

Invert Screen Colour
IMG 1.1

2 Invert Screen Colour
IMG 1.2
  • Paste Code in Notepad and save the File on desktop as “Invert.ahk” (AHK default ext. name) as see Below Image 1.3.

IMG 1.3
  • Now Download AHK Application from Website “” Download Portable version best to move any other PC’s or carry it on pendrive. as see Image 1.4 below.
IMG 1.4
  • Extract it on desktop folder see Image 1.5 below.
IMG 1.5
  • Now Double click on “Invert.ahk” file that we saved on desktop, It will prompt you to select proper application as see Image 1.6 below.
IMG 1.6
  • Select AutoHotKey.exe file from the folder we extracted on Desktop as see Image 1.7 below.
IMG 1.7
  • After Clicking on Open you will see that your screen colour is change as negative.
  • Now we open the previous opened pdf on inverted coloured screen as see Image 1.8 below.
IMG 1.8
  • Now Read without tension of high brightness.
  • And to change in normal screen colour just press “F9” Hotkey, the application still runs in background you can see on system tray icon while its running you can toggle between normal and invert coloured screen by pressing “F9” key and for close application just press “Esc” key.

I show both option to invert screen colour in windows XP and Windows 7 Operating System. to try those and Happy reading.