Use Keylogger To Hack passwords

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Keylogger is most widely used program from script kiddies where they call there self a “HACKER” key-logging is the common way that other person is know all your computer login and other info which you type in your computer. On the other way people ask me how other people (HACKER) know our user names and passwords ? So Here All Your Ans.
Q: What is keylogger?
Ans: Keylogger it’s a Hardware & Software base program which work to log all your key-press. (Wiki)
Q: How we know that keylogger is installed in our system ?
Ans: Well there is no way to find out if keylogger server is encrypted but for prevention install latest antivirus update daily basis. other tools Like antikeylogger utility you can find free and paid search on google or here are some that might help you to check
  1. PSMAntiKeyLogger :PSMAntiKeyLogger is a real-time protecting software which protects you against Keyloggers. No scanning is needed.
  2. I Hate Keyloggers : prevent your typing from being recorded by malicious software such as key loggers, spyware, remote administration tools. The software will disable hook-based keyloggers so the keyloggers will not be able to capture your keystrokes.
  3. Paid One KeyScrambler : The advanced key-encryption method keeps your keystrokes scrambled and indecipherable while they travel from your keyboard to the destination application.
* So lets know how they do this kind of dirty work.*
NOTE: This tutorial is for educational purposes only, I am NOT responsible in any way for how this information is used, use it at your own risk.
In This Tut i will show you a software base keylogger in action (ardamax keylogger sort name in this TuT will Be “AXK”)
The setup of AXK is same as you install other software.
“Before We proceed Disable Antivirus or use Virtual OS for not get infected”
Double Click on AXK installation EXE
  1. See Pic. 0.1 will Display.
  2.  Click on “I Agree”
  3.  Select all components Click on Next (Pic 0.2)
  4.  Same installation dir Click on Next (Pic 0.3)
  5.  Wait till installation complete (Pic 0.4)
  6.  Check on “Run AXK” Now click on Finish (Pic 0.5)
  7.  AXK is install in your system that can be check in task-bar (Pic 0.6)
Now the AXK will monitor this system key activity But this is not finish yet coz its not the hackers way now the main part in started we need to create silent installer server that can install any windows system with only one click and also hidden so no one will know that keylogger is installed in this system. 
  1. Right click on Taskbar icon (Pic:1.1)
  2. Select Remote Installation
  3. On Welcome screen Click on Next (Pic:1.2)
  4. I am binding AXK with explorer (Pic: 1.3) click on next
  5. In Invisibility I have selected all (Pic: 1.4) click on next
  6. This security page click on enable (Pic: 1.5)
  7. Add password that u want. (Pic: 1.6)
  8. Now select all to protect. (Pic: 1.7) Click on Next
  9. This page is for visibility in-case you want to see hidden keylogger so that can be open using combination of keys like i have selected “Ctrl+Shift+K” (Pic: 1.8)
  10. This page is to select the time and method to get all key-logs from victim’s system (i am showing you email method there are also various method to get the log for Eg. ftp, web upload) (Pic: 1.9)
  11. Email page fill all details click on next (Pic: 0.10)
  12. Select Keystrok logging and click on settings.. (Pic: 0.11)
  13. Change teh setting to 1024KB and click on OK (Pic: 0.12)
  14. Now select Destination where the Server file will be saved and what ICON you want to select i saved name as Office_Patch.exe (Pic: 0.13) Click on next
  15. Now click on finish (Pic: 0.14)
  16. Our Keylogger server is created. (Pic: 0.15)
Send this server file to people whom you need User names and Password but this file is easily detected by antivirus same as i have upload this file “Office_Patch.exe” on virus total and as result see (Pic: 0.16)

Now we will make the server file FUD (Fully Undetectable) for antivirus.
For That you required FUD Crypter (More info on: Here)
You can buy that software from other programmers, there are Some free download are also available on net just google “FUD Crypter” and you will find thousand of website for download. But most of free crypter are now detectable via antivirs after some time coz it’s publicly available.
To FUD this file i am using my own crypter which is not publicly availble and no antivirus can detect it..
(Please: don’t ask me for the crypter it not for sale. In my Future post may be i will show how to make the crypter)
  1. Open Crypter.
  2. Browse and select the file which you wan’t to make FUD. (Pic: 0.17)
  3. Click on Crypt (pic: 0.18)
  4. Done.
Now i have uploaded the FUD Server file on Virus total and here is the result (Pic: 0.19)

Now as see the result i can send this file any person who clicks on that file JACKPOT”…