Webmin installation on Ubuntu

The following video i demonstrated how we can install webmin on ubuntu server. webmin is webconsole package which helps linux administrators easily manage linux servers using webconsole where system admin can easily manage system backups, create web servers manage multiple websites manage database scedule backup create, edit or delete users manage dns ldap server services …

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Ci-Snippets2 for Visual Studio Code

 My First Snippets Extension for CodeIgniter PHP Framework now available to download from Visual Studio Marketplace “https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Anish-M.ci-snippets2”as an opensource project any one can contribute on Github repo“https://github.com/anish137i/ci-snippets2” . Change : Updated new version 1.0.0 with some Bug fixes and added table in Readme.md for refrance.

My Vim Setup

Vim is most powerful text editor when i am working on Linux distro i just like to use VIM as default text editing work. That’s why its included in my Must have application in Ubuntu list. but slowly slowly for work related environment i started using Windows and then come notepad plus plus yes notepad++ …

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