Ubuntu Installation Series

This is my first video of ubuntu OS installation series in Hindi In this tutorial i have try to cover the basic details about. What is OS (Operating System) What is Kernel (Why its Require) What is Linux (only basic details about GNU/Linux) Why i select Ubuntu Distribution for this tutorial. Various customize flavors available which use …

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Youtube Tricks

A recurring question that I face is; what is the trick to download videos from youtube? And I am quite sure that on reading the title “Youtube tricks” the first question that pops up in your mind too, is how to download videos from youtube. In this blog post I will try to explain some …

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Office alternative

Move on from Windows to Linux (Part 2) Read Part 1So when i leave windows first issue i notice is the most popular software of Microsoft’s family MICROSOFT OFFICE (basic word, excel & power-point  every windows operating system is have must have this package but it is not a part of OS we need to purchase other copy of MS-Office to use …

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