My Visual Studio Code Settings

When i work on web project my preferred text editor choice is Visual Studio Code 

VSCode runs on all platform Windows, Mac and Linux. as mix environment where for my primary development is Mac but in client side i need to work on windows and some times on Linux distros.

Previously i tried different Text Editors Like Atom (Memory Hungry) crashes often.

 Sublime Text (Not Free).

Atom i like that editor but it crashes often on my mac and heavy process and memory require to run this editor. so when there is no option i started using NetBeans IDE see my Codeigniter plugin for netbeans. yes its also heavy IDE but at least not crash while working. Netbeans is Good IDE but for webproject work i think its very heavy to use Total IDE solution.

So when VS Code is arrived i thought why not give it Try. And i start Like it simple and powerful for web projects and python projects.

when i started using this there are some customization and plugin i like to use in my set of VS code which is i like to share.

Font Size
in Preference (Ctrl + ,)
 “editor.fontSize”: 18,

Emmet Trigger
 new VS Code emmet Tab expend is off so in setting
“emmet.triggerExpansionOnTab”: true

Workbench Preview
for me its annoying when i click an page its open as preview and if i navigate other page tab currently opened preview page is closed. to change setting
 “workbench.editor.enablePreview”: false
    “git.autofetch”: true,
    “editor.wordWrap”: “on”

Now in Extension market place

CodeIgniter My own Snippets Pack

Working of Laravel Projects
Laravel Blade Snippets

Working on HTML css support

When Working Codeigniter Project or vice versa its better to disable unwanted extensions for that specific work-space.

PHP Intelephense works great with laravel project auto import and class functionality.

Prettier – Code formatter as the name sayes its format the code looks pretty.
after installation make changes in user settings  to make the prettier works on save.
“editor.formatOnSave”: true

Live Server pften whenever i am working on UX/UI html files only i used this extension to open local html file on local webserver and live reload so i can monitor the changes on the fly. rather than browsing local html file in browser and reload to check changes effect on html files.