Bye Bye Evernote

My Latest Update Simplenote

I am fan of evernote science past 4 years First i started Using Onenote an Microsoft Product then when i started using App on Mobile due to limited internet speed i am facing issues with real time sync Then i thought give try to Evernote with note taking application on windows desktop and Mobile support everything is working fine till now …..

When Evernote stop supporting sync more than two devices, Yes as user i use my Laptop Desktop and Mobile because of this new Changes By Evernote note taking is now not fun with evernote any more so i decided to say Bye Bye to Evernote and Switch to alternative. as my previous Post for Note Taking application only Google Keep is entered as new candidate but because of no Client application for Desktop its out from my list.

Now i am Using OneNote Microsoft application yes the issue is there with linux support but at least i can sync with all my devices last time the issue with limited internet connection but now 4G services is available in india so i just started Migrating all my notes from Evernote to One Note the Process is Very Easy all you need to download Import Evernote to One Note tool which is freely available on Microsoft Site “” As the Client app on Mobile its Free but you need to have Onenote application from Microsoft office and or use free web one tone version.

Now i just started using one note application further ill update my experience with one note.