Cloud Storage

I am not getting in deep for what is cloud computing, I am trying to explain what are the benefits an normal user can take from of cloud technology.
 Cloud storage is new way to store your personal data online same as like backup your data on dvd or usb but cloud storage provide less risk to loose data than any other second storage medium and you can access data any computer around the world which have internet connection. Todays market giant such as Google docs, YouTube & flicker are using cloud computing.

 Q. As a computer user how this cloud storage help you?
Ans. As computer user some data you require to have backup there is cloud storage comes in frame you don’t require to put your backup disk any more your cloud will automatically update background.
Even you can sync your data between multiple computers and also access it on your mobile whenever its require. So no more usb and dvd you need to carry for data transfer on multiple system.

 Q. how you can setup cloud on system.
Ans. It’s depend what kind of service you require and which OS. Here is some major free cloud storage provider.

Dropbox: My Primary Cloud sync service is provide 2GB free online storage os independent so you can install on windows, mac & linux it also works with mobile platform Android, iphone, ipad & Blackberry.
After installation on your system it will create a folder which will sync with your dropbox account. All you need to drop your files and data on that folder it will automatically in background. Good when I want to share data with public and require the data should update periodically.

Google Drive: Good service provided by google 5GB free storage haves google docs is best for online document service. But to bad is not have official linux support so drop google drive from my list but some time i use for google doc services online only when more than one person require to update same time.  

One Drive this service is provided by microsoft up to 15GB free storage online microsoft document service. only issue that they don’t have official application on Linux OS yes we can use Webdev but out of my list.

Amazon Drive : Cloudwards team put together a pretty comprehensive review on the Amazon Cloud Drive. can be read here  

Ubuntu One: Canonical is stop this service but best cloud storage services provided canonical, 5GB free space 500MB from referrals, Cross platform OS support the best part is its inbuilt ubuntu & support seamless sync with my personal laptop and windows on work even i can access those files on the go using my android mobile.

The ubuntu one folder created in my home folder in ubuntu & office i have installed the application same folder i have sync in windows OS as per my requirement i have created sub folder in Ubuntu One folder for Doc, Pic, Entertainment & work by default current and working files save in those folder so it can easily accessible on other devices with up-to date data so no more pendrive to carry my work data to home or my personal data to work all is take care by ubuntu one.

So now it’s time to move from traditional data backup to new cloud storage services.