FTP Hacking

Today we will see what is different ways to hack ftp sites we will not cover advance scripting to hack ftp coz that we will do in other post in this part we will only discuss the simple ways that can you use to hack ftp sites. the famous tricks that may you already know or now you will know it.
So lets Start hacking.

  1. What is FTP ?
  • FTP is file transfer protocol that use transfer file from one host to other.
  • Ftp is work on default port no: “21”. when we scan any server or pc & if we get result “21 port open” that how we will know that the ftp services is running on particular server or pc.
  • on your default browser you can surf that ftp site by simplify typing “ftp://ipaddress” or “ftp://domain” Eg.( or ftp://this.com)
Hacking FTP

  • some time when you use ftp sites you get access but most of times when you open ftp server or when you open it from command line it will ask you user name and password.
Common way to get access.

  • The simple way to get access ftp server by using anonymous ftp user name & password.
  • For that access in user name you need to type “anonymous” and for password “IE@user” (some type of email id not necessary that email id is yours or should be valid email address) you will get access.

Ftp servers on internet.

  • Yes there was simple way to get user names and password of most used server on internet.
  • For following trick you need a tool called “Total-Commander-Password-Recovery” you can download from following site: www.reactive-software.com
  • you need full version to perform password hacking trick.
  • and second tool is google.com.

Now fun begin.

  • you need go to google.com from your browser .
  • in search field type following code “intitle:index.of wcx_ftp.ini” click on search .
  • Select that website where you see “wcx_ftp.ini” in text.
  • Now in that directory just save wcx_ftp.ini file in your computer.
  • now open total commander click on from file option.
  • Select wcx_ftp.ini .
  • Then click on Recover password .
  • That’s it look how many ftp servers password you got in one ftp.ini file.

Check it from your self. Anish M.