Sync w32tm command

How to Synchronize Windows Domain Server Time

As an System Admin its good idea to Synchronise system time from domain server to systems and its very easy to get all we need to get NTP pool from

configure in domain controller and make the controller time server for client using DHCP.

visit following URL.

Select Zone for me its Asia/india

by selecting zone the following NTP Pool i can see for India.

Logon on Domain Server run Command prompt as Admin Paste following Code.

w32TM /config /syncfromflags:manual /
Command Promt ntp

Second Command update config

w32tm /config /update
command w32tm update

Final Command to Re synchronization

w32tm /resync
w32tn resync command

wait for 3 to 5 Min the domain server is sync the time properly now Just update Net Time Services if you are using DHCP Server Just goto Scope option and update domain IP.

Adding Time Server DHCP windows

now we can run command manually on system which is connection to domain as adminitrstor

net time \\domainserver /sey /y 

Change “domainserver” with your internal Domain Server Name or IP.

Or when client system is restarted and take time server IP address it will automatically update Time.